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                 Sadly,William Martin died on 13th September 2010                                                                                                                                                                

On the Tributes' page you will find tributes, in verse and prose from poets Keith Armstrong, Peter Armstrong, Alistair Elliot, Roger Garfitt, Katrina Porteous, Graeme Rigby, and Anne Stevenson.

The funeral was held on Thursday 23th September 2010 at the Crematorium at Chester Road, Sunderland. £500 was collected in aid of the DEC Pakistan flood appeal.


  To hear the poem 'In Memorium William Martin', Subtitled 'Ah'm only an atheist as far as God is concorned' read by the author Peter Armstrong at the funeral, click on the button above*.


*Please note.... the MP3 player on the site, which contains many rare recordings and radio broadcasts, can, currently, only be accessed from a PC or a laptop. It is hoped to expand access to tablet and smart phone users in the future. 


 See the following page for the Guardian obituary.


Many compliments have been received about the specialness of the funeral service..... the family would like to extend a special thanks to Janette Blakemore, Interfaith Minister, for all her efforts in making it so.


STOP PRESS - The Solstice Pilgrimage (see archive page) has been resurrected in 2016 by Jake Campbell, Poet and LiteratureResearcher. For details see his blog...

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