Defining the poetic mission...



Dagdha the Celtic Giant God 



In the late 1970's William Martin was truly begining to find not only his voice, but his mission as as a poet. It was clear that he wanted to move beyond the stuff of relationships and everyday life. In his own words:



" Poetry should be concerned with more than personal, domestic and confessional themes. Being [part of] creation, we are involved in the continuing search for a collective sanctus....... if we reject elitism and ego-economic notions, we will find that 'marradharma' under our noses. Art is not a programme, neither is a poem a tract, but it is surely rooted in dharma."



Albion, the giant of William Blake's writings.



William's place in the great bardic tradition was also calling him. The poem Arl is the fusion of the two. The subject is Arl, the cosmic giant. He is, however, is not a distant god figure. At his essence he is, of course, 'arl of us' and 'arl of it' a spiritual macrocosm of humanity, nature and all that is.


To hear a performance of this poem (circa1977), click on the jukebox button below and choose number 2, 'Arl' from the menu:





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