Extracts from William's fifth book....




Marra Familia is available for purchase from the website shop.

First is a recording of William performing poetry and song (his own) in what became his inimitable style: Press the jukebox button below and choose number 6,  'Image Ark' from the menu (this recording is extracted from a longer reading from Marra Familia featured on the the page 'Verse and Song':





The next poem, 'Ave Beata' is also from the book Marra Familia:


Ave Beata

Ave Beata eyes close.....On fossil Mothergate

Safety-light flickers in coiled black

Kingdom escapement triggered

Govenor eye-lids.....Closing and closing

(As lang as aa live aal nivvor forget)

Her after-image pink


Ave Beata tears into her brim

Floodgate out of condensed black

Two by two droplets.....Fetch storm waves

Black and white dove.....With a Jesse branch grafted

Semen buds crying

Droplets rocking the Ark


Ave Beata not a single tongue

All tongues in tower

Split tip speaks to her.....Froma babble at gate entry

Collective interpretation going on

(wor Nanny's a Mazer)

Incarnation fleshed


Ave Beata my touch is a real touch

Not light on her curve.....Teaching eyes cast out

Or hand lost in thought.....The evil plucked bodyless

Real Ave Beata.....Her Marradharma.....All hand-senses reach

(And a Mazer she'll remain)