The 'wisdom of friendship'.......a new word for a turbulent world. 

Message from Graham Martin, Website host:


As you will see, as you go through the site, or read William's books, early on in his poetic journey, he coined the word "Marradharma".

It is a 'blend word' combining two words of very different origin:


"Marra" is a dialect word, common in the North East of England and Cumbria, of ancient Norse origin meaning comrade, friend, pal, buddy or mate.


"Dharma" is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning wisdom, cosmic laws, or teaching in a variety of religious contexts in  eastern traditions.


When combined, they, in take on a meaning which is greater than the sum total of their parts and this is a central part of William's 'polishing of the coinage' of working class culture [ref. the Guardian Obituary].


As of Spring 2017, I am attempting to get it included in the English dictionaries. Could you please help me by promoting its usage? This can be done in a variety of ways:


  • Personal usage...I use it in my Quaker correspondence by ending emails with..."In the spirit of Marradharma," Do you have a context in which you could use it similarly? In your church, trade union, political party, friendship/family groups etc etc 
  • Google it  fairly regularly. If your search leads to this page, you will know I am winning!
  • Use it as a hyper-link in the above contexts to lead people to this page and as a consequence the rest of the site.
  • If you have a site of your own place a hyper-link in the context of its use in a sentence.
  • Promote it on Facebook and similar sites.


New advice will be added as time goes on, but that will do for a start!


One thing is certain, the world could certainly do with a new word to both celebrate, and and raise the spiritual banner of.... friendship!!




 Yours in the spirit of Marradharma,


Graham Martin 5/5/17