The 'leader of the people's choir' at his best.....


William's ability to blend verse and song is mentioned in many tributes and is a unique characteristic of his work. His bardic style, combined with song made a poetry 'reading' more of a performance, with the tunes and poetic images blending into a continuous flow of passion and rhythm.







The next recording is of a performance of poetry and song from William's fourth book, Marra Familia. It is half an hour long, so settle down with a cuppa. Dont worry about odd references or words that may seem unfamiliar. This material goes beyond the cerebral. Sit back and let the images flow through you.... experience a poetic symphony. Click on the jukebox button and select number 10, Verse and Song, from the menu:






 Gordon Brown in the blue shirt with rucksack ^                        ^William in panama hat