Poems and song reflecting William's search for the universal in the history and culture of area of his birth: Wearmouth, or Wiramutha as it was known in the anglo-saxon era... (see also the sub-page 'The Maidens Paps'  highlighted on the left)



Wearmouth today


First of all a song entitled 'On the way to Pennywell'. There is reference to the convent called 'The Little Sisters of the Poor'. Pennywell and Thornhill are areas of Sunderland. Click on the jukebox button and choose 23 from the menu:





Second is the poem entitled 'River We Are' a clear reference to the River Wear. Click on the jukebox button and choose 22 from the menu (note last stanza is missing. A full transcript of the poem will appear on the site soon):




Illustration from the 'Wiramutha Helix' (Cracknrigg) ...Detail is from St Cuthberts Coffin