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Lammas Alanna

Pub. Bloodaxe 2000

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Marra Familia

Pub. Bloodaxe 1993

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Hinny Beata

Pub. Taxus 1987. NB Price reflects current value and rarity.

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Tidings of our Bairnsea

Pub. Wearmouth Festival 1973 . NB price reflects current value and rarity.

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Selected Poems CD

Recorded 2008

Selected poems:

Selected poems 

  1. The Bald Ship
  2. Midwinter Song
  3.  Songs for the Lady of Chapelgarth
  4. Song of the Cotia Lass
  5. Song (It's O but Aa ken well)
  6. Anna Navis/Durham Beatitude
  7. Kildan  Fragments
  8. Six Island Sunset 

 Recorded by Katrina Porteous in 2008

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Cracknrigg CD

Recently digitised tracks:

Track1 Bonny at Morn (Concertina-Clive Richards)

Track2 Sair fyel'd hinny (Song-trad.)

Track3 The Bald Ship

Track4 Marratide

Track5 The White Christ

Track6 Bonnie Pit Laddie (Song-trad.)

Track7 His Bright Silver

Track8 Childermas Dene

Track9 My Bonnie Pit Laddie (Song-trad.)

Track10 Midwinter Song

Track11 Whittingham Green/

Derwentwater's Farewell (Concertina - Clive Richards)

Track12 Down in yon forest (Song-trad.)

Track13 A19 Hymn

Track14 Six Island Sunset

Track15 Three Songs

Track16 Briar Rose

Track17 Durham Beatitude

Track18 St Kilda Fragments

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Bethlehem Harvest Lonnen - poster A5

For full  image see the page 'The Artist'

(+ postage: £3.50)

Newton Rooftops. Poster A4

For full image see the page 'The Artist'

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Cosmos and Kingdom CD

An exciting cd of early works. This cd combines the poem Arl, featured on the site, with a long, previously unpublished version of A19 Hymn. This poem goes from the cosmic persona of Arl to finding the 'Kingdom' in the detail. The A19 Hymn starts where Arl ends, with the simplicity of nature, then soars in its quest for vast meaning in the countryside to both sides of the A19 in the North East. A tremendous spectrum of thought and imagery in one cd.

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Collected Works CD

Poems from each of William's published works, including:

1. Saints men resting - Easthope

2. Tidings of our Bairnsea - extracts

3. Marratide - Cracknrigg

4. Six Island Sunset - Cracknrigg

5. Durham Beatitude Cracknrigg

6. Image Ark Marra Familia

7. Anna Navis - Marra Familia

8. I Johnbird - Lammas Alanna

9. Midwinter Song - Lammas Alanna

10. Song of the Cotia Lass - Lammas Alanna



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Autobiographical/Reflective interviews - 5CD's

Over 4 hours of interview with detailed autobiography relevant to the poetry, as well as discussion around the main poetic concerns. Ideal material for deepening your understanding of the work.

These cd's will be offered free if you purchase 3books, or more, or 2books plus 1 or more cd.


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