A poetic tribute in North East dialect.... 



In Memoriam, William Martin
"Ah'm an Atheist, but ownly as far as God's concorned."

Keen, hinnies: 
wor bonny singer's tekken bad 
& been tekken' away from w'
th'll nivvor be another.

Keen skyarks ower the barleyfied;
keen spuggies in the hedges.
Keen, bairns o' Beveridge;
keen, marras under the banners.

Gan t' Gala keenin
but gan to Cuddie's big chorch
t' celebrate  this sacred
brother iv  Bede & Biscop;

brother iv Aidan & Hilda;
bairn iv Caedmon & Skipsy;
brother iv aal us poets
left scatchin in the dust behind 'im.

Keen, aal yeez poets, 
iv yez hev en eor t' lisen;
& a tung thet's
worth th' hevven.

Keen gently, kindred
sin ee trod the orth see kindly
sin 'is words w' aall a blessin'
sin 'is voice was rich as amber 

Haad y' gobs aal others:
'e foond the worm iv language
& 'e nortured 
& nivvor cut it

but teased it frem th' mothregyet
& wrapped it in its spirals
aroond the hill iv vision
& aroond the hill iv 'is people:

noo w'll aall gan quiet:
the maister's given ower singin
& th's nairn left's 'is equal;
silence is best praise
Peter Armstrong