Formative wartime experience....... 


As a young 18 year old recruit in the RAF, posted near Jodpur in India, three experiences were to be very formative. First was the experience of near death, having suffered malaria and typhoid concurrently. The second was his experiences visiting the temples of Mount Abu. The third was his experience of being caught up in a strike of the RAF ranks. Graeme Rigby in his tributemakes reference to the reconciliation at the end of the strike.


Essentially the men refused to turn out in the heat for parades in full dress uniform, though they agreed to work normally. Although not himself a central figure, there is no doubt that this experience fed the formulation of William's concept of 'marradharma', which loosely translates as the 'way' of friends/mates/comrades/loved ones.


In August 1996, the story was finally told, on the release of the MOD documents under the 50 year rule: (from the Observer 4/8/96)





The 'mutineers' celebrate victory