A poem evoked by the images of Bottacelli's painting 'The Primavera'......


Bethlehem sparrow census
All weather flowers
Black angel garment
Rooks nest in its darkness
Gathered under cover of cloak
Every star rises to sing
Seraphim moon
On its back
Between capitals
Chapel sandstone
Grained like marble
A Bishops stain
A wovenquarter moon
A bright new tapestry star...
Magnificat sits in her
Romanesque wood
Bethlehem angel
Touches the lady
Incense words cloud
Corbel all vulva
And proud white giant
Unfrocked by David
His star in the east
Forthwith and Seraph
This day unto you
Childermass magi and shepherd
Come to this rising
Temptation wind
Come to this burning
Parable virgins
Come to this dying
Cock-crow and donkey-ride
Cloak this child
With flowers of
The Primavera


The Primavera by Bottacelli