A welcome to the site from Graham Martin, William's eldest son and website host....




Graham Martin



Hi and welcome to my Dad's website. The site was originally a surprise gift for him a year or so before he died. Towards the end of his life, his short-term memory became very poor, to the extent that he would forget he had a site and then would be amazed to rediscover it all over again! Bless him.


Although he has died, the poetry very much lives on. If you enjoy the site, and I sincerely hope that you will, please tell others about it! If you have any queries about the poetry, please use the Discussion Forum, where I will endeavour to clarify any issues.


Use of the Jukebox.

Just a technical point regarding the use of the 'jukebox' for the audio recordings. Instructions are given before eack jukebox button regarding choice of track.  When pressed, the jukebox will automatically start at track 1. Do not be put off by this and simply make your selection as instructed. However at the end of the track you will need to turn off the jukebox, otherwise it will run on to the next track.


All pages now have a Twitter button at the bottom, so that you can share your feelings and observations with the Twitter community, if you so wish.

Enjoy my Dad's work and please come back to me with any comments or suggestions regarding improvements on the site: