An overview of poetic concerns and published work.... 



William Martin's poetry was inspired partly by the social, cultural and religious life of Northumbria, past and present and also religious and cultural imagery from around the world. He builds his  verse from myth, from Anglo Saxon literature and art, children's games, ballads and street songs, as well as from the history and struggles of former pit communities in the Durham coalfield. He  blends this with imagery drawn from other religious and cultural traditions, reflecting his wartime experiences in India and wide reading. His poems show a concern for a society that is losing its common ground, its rituals and rites of passage.

Published works:


  • Easthope (1970) Pub. Ceolfrith Press:



  • Tidings of our Bairnsea (1973) Pub. Wearmouth 1300 Festival:



  • Cracknrigg (1983) Pub. Taxus Press:

  • Hinny Beata (1987) Pub. Taxus Press:


  • Marra Familia (1993) Pub. Bloodaxe Books:


  • Lammas Alana (2002) Pub. Bloodaxe Books:



Note: . The kind work of Katrina Porteous, poet, in arranging  recordings  for the cd  entitled 'Selected Poems', in April 2008, is gratefully acknowleged.